Alessio Ciarrocchi, Software Engineer

Software developer and Computer Science student

Job Experiences

SIPRA Engineering S.r.l.

Back-end developer Web developer Xamarin C#

Software Engineer in many different types of projects including mobile apps, back-end and front-end web development.

Emmedata S.r.l.

Xamarin C# django developer

Mobile app developer with the use of Xamarin for Android/iOS technology and a bit of Django framework.


University of Bologna

Mobile Systems Business & Management Adavanced Databases

The Master's degree programme in Computer Science aims to turn out a highly professional graduate with specialist knowledge of the methods, techniques and tools for developing systems and applications based on Information and Communications Technology.

University of Camerino

CS Algorithms Mobile apps Web Technologies Databases

The course aims at providing an advanced understanding of the key principles of computer science with highly sought after skills such as Programming, Databases, Software Engineering, Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structure, Operating Systems and Computer Networks.

About Me

As software engineer I'm passionate about technology, especially mobile apps, that for me are not simply another avenue of the computing industry, but it represents the future of what we will be interacting with.

Currently I'm living in Bologna where I'll complete the master degree in Computer Science at Unibo. In addition to this I'm employee at SIPRA Engineering S.r.l. as web and mobile app developer. Our main goal is provide to clients professional IT solutions , either software and hardware side, increasing and improving their productivity.
Sipra main products are always web-based such as® , GestioneCorsi.Online and Easy.Gest.

Apart from keeping me up-to-date about technology, I spend my free time with my friends, having a beer and playing boardgames.


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